Make cars run on gas.

Is there a way to make it so you need like a item to run a car so you hit the car it has gas then after 300 hundred seconds of driving it runs out kicking you out and locking till you find another and touch it against it.

One of the HL2DM maps has a fan that runs on a plug that a player has to plug in and it detaches automatically after a few seconds, that might be of some help. I think it was dm_lockdown but I’m not sure. I know it is one of the stock HL2DM maps though.

It would require some triggers, filters, timers, and some named prop_physics gas cans, but yes it could be done. Might be more efficient and better looking if you used Lua though.

It’s easy. I can give you the .vmf to something I did exactly like it.

You could have a logic_timer with a max timer of 300, then have it turn off at max timer. Make a trigger parented to the area of the car, and when a prop with a name touches the trigger, reset the timer.

Please. I need it for a puzzle.

Here you go.

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