Make Ceilings Destructible

Griefing is pretty rampant on servers, but at least with most forms like placing a wall to block a door you can still eventually use C4 to blow the wall open.

The worst form is when people destroy your stairs and put a ceiling to cap you from going upstairs, and there’s literally nothing you can do at that point because the ceilings are indestructible. Allow them to be destroyed with the same amount of C4 as a wall to give us an opportunity to un-grief our bases.

there already destructible :v: it just takes a SHITLONG time

Really? Unless it’s been changed, the Wiki says “Note: Wooden Ceilings are currently not destructable.”

the wiki also says that any wooden structer is breakable but takes a long time

I don’t understand. What wooden structure?

Wooden walls and doorways are destroyable only by C4. Wooden doors and shelters can be destroyed by melee.