Make certain walls so they can't be noclipped through

Is it possible to make wall’s in hammer that can’t be noclipped through. I don’t want to disable noclip through world, i just want to be able to define certain walls.

Make a death trigger in it?


Maybe make a brush in the walls using the trigger texture and make it a trigger_teleport, Then make a trigger_teleport destination somewhere like maybe a jail if it’s an rp map or something

I don’t want it to be not allowed, I want it not possible. Like you can get a script that makes it so you can’t noclip through world, like you physically cannot do it, I want that but only on certain walls

Write a script so that it wont let you through certain textures?

I don’t think there’s any anti-noclip in the source engine that’s embedded in the map.

See this page:

It’s not part of the engine, it’s a custom Lua script SilverLan wrote for us a while back, the page also lists some (quite evil) ways of doing it normally, but all anti-noclip protection can be removed in some way or another, that’s inevitable.

If you were to use a trigger_teleport, it can be removed manually in the game via the console, but only with cheats on.