Make codelocks only for solo players.

They should only be able to be opened by the placer, and therefore force clans to use keys.

And how are you going to discern a group from a solo player?
I’ll rephrase - how will the game discern who is in a group and who is a solo player?

Did you even read his post? it would not need to distinguish the difference between a solo or grouped player, as his suggestion was that code locked doors can only be opened by the player who placed it.

With that said I don’t agree with this suggestion. And to be honest, FacePunch probably couldn’t care less about solo players, they’ve been catering the game to better suit clans for a long time now. They’ve given clans a huge advantages in almost every aspect of the game which goes a lot further then just strength in numbers. They may balance it out one day, but solo players are the least of their worries right now.

Yea no, why?

I see were your coming from but that is not the answer to the overwelming clan issue

This game as it stands is a clan game and any solo player stepping into it should expect to get… reaped

The strange thing is I’ve been in a clan and played solo and playing solo or a pair is so much more fun for me,

I see clans getting too powerful and their players getting bored because it’s too easy and so they stop logging on,

I think that sometimes playing in a clan can make the game loose something in the experience OF SERVIVAL

But you get some other experiences when youre clan starts to fight another one which is worthy to be battled, we had an epic fight yesterday about 8vs8 (Both groups Roaming) + A lot Solos/Duos.
And that was a experience you cant get as Solo player.

If youre cappable of Solo youre pretty much a good player, and if you join a group that group will benefit you.

The balance is not easy to get. A game where you are forced to play in a clan will let a a lot of people quit the game or even not buy it. You will or can already read it on Steam. Clans are bombing solo people who build their first wooden base just because they don’t have anyhting else to do. They just farm their monstrous base in a day or two and then have nothing to do.

It’s a neverending vicious circle. There is no endgame besides fighting other ones but that is against lone wolfes because they are downgraded to supplier for easy ressources and fun for 5min in between farming ressources for the next battle against someone else. However it is also down to the human kind and to the online community in general of course, not gonna lie. Only personal joy counts. the highest to reach is the madness of someone other.

Honestly i know what you mean i played the game solo a lot and improved myself, I just think being solo is not a handicap you can abuse clans that have a lot of players, You just have to be more creative than they are.

If you dont play on a high skill lvl server like Rustafied/Rustopia/and so on. You can pretty much handle a lot of clannies.

Yesterday me and my friend did set up a base right next to clan start to kill them with pipes and got 2 sets of full equipments. And with those sets shit started to go down, they started to gear up and rush at our shitshack and lost even more Stuff, After 2 Hours of Constant fighting they decided to raid us. We Killed the guy which was trying to blow us up took his C4 and started to pick up all the we got from them, then we sneaked out of that area and brought the stuff to our hidden base.

They lost about 10 AKs some bolts and 4 C4. Skill > Mass + They wasted some rockets on that base to open it while there was nothing anymore.

One of the few things that I preferred from Legacy, was the addition of the Wasteland. An area with basically no resources, aside from a few trees, where almost no one traveled to, or built within, whether they were nudes or veterans.

So for lone wolves, this was the perfect place to gather our strength, as we would do suicide runs for resources, and participate in fights on our own terms, with a relatively safe base to return to.

Right now, there is no buffer zone in experimental. And with the default map being made smaller, clans can basically set up sniper towers, and have near full reign of the server. There was a bit of a buffer zone, to a much smaller extent, in the snowy regions of the map - but even that region has been removed.

Making the map smaller as a priority task over other survival/PvP/aesthetic content is worrying me a bit, in regards to what Garry and his team have in mind for Rust’s future, but I am content with just putting the game down for now, and waiting for the improvements and balancing needed to draw me back in.

I don’t care if I were able to compete (what I would be if I would put the effort into it) it’s simply I don’t want to. The solution can’t be to get somekind of pro skilled in PvP just to defend your wooden base with 1500 wood in it. If you now go on any server there are bases everywhere directly from the spawn on. Half of them fine, half of them already raped.
You can run on and on but it won’t change much. As soon as you think that you found a place to be unseen or judged too far away for not to be profit-yielding enough to raid another giant base pops up. And with a smaller map it won’t get better, I can confirm.
Of course clans should have an advantage over a lonely wolf and they have by nature. But sadly there hardly is a solution for making both ways to play rewarding and fun because of the community.

Codelocks should be removed for testing :garryspin:

An idea would be an item like the tool cupboard which makes your base invulnerable as long as it is in the first wooden state (maybe second, details can be clarified later). Of course this has to expire otherwise everyone would only build wooden bases.

Back in those horrible days when this was something you had to farm for. Barrel Hunter 2015

Yeah, I remember.

I think the locks work fine as they are.
Sure, they could make a option in the menu to “lock” the code so the people you trust can’t backstab
you, same goes for you but it would still be possible to get betrayed by just leaving the door wide

IMO this takes a part of the freedom of the game away, the constant paranoia even if you made “friends”.

But then why use a code; not a lock sensitive only to the placer?

How about normal codelocks are only able to be used by the placer and are default, but an upgraded codelock can be researched and can be used by many.

Key locks aren’t safe at all. There are only one hundred key variations which means you could go to another look and craft keys until you get the right one.


adjust your base design to have different entrances for differnt ppl in the clan, a pain in the ass but it will work.


I like the idea of this. But keys would need to have info on it as to which door it opens if you have already used it on said door.

Sure clans would just make drop zones where on X ppl have access. But at least it would level the balance a tiny bit.

Bigger clans need to have more risk factors. Maybe this specific idea is not the way to go. But imagine having 50 sets of keys to all your doors. Suddenly now, if you walk out with some of them you have another factor of risk you need to take into account.

How can 50+ member clans ever be sort of punished without zero balance systems?

Something like this would sure make bases look different. Probably a outer ring of “plebs” with a deposit crate going through another layer to the “pick up man” collecting the loot. Then that guy would deposit it into another layer into the base.

But then think of raids, you would need a way for your foot soldiers to defend. Do you really want them on the ground? With no access?

It suddenly becomes very complex.

Maybe a terrible suggestion. But at the moment, it is one of the only ones that can even try to balance clan numbers, to smaller groups.

Maybe you want Rust to be a clan focused game. Personally, I enjoy smaller teams and maybe just Rust is not for me anymore.

The other way around makes more sense. Code locks for groups because the very nature of a keypad suggests more than on user. Then make the plain locks single user only. Get rid of the keys themselves (perhaps they are hidden up the users butt every time they spawn) and have it so that a door with a plain lock on it only opens for the user who placed it. It would make normal locks a lot more useful because it would achieve the basic needs of a single user more effectively (cheaper) and getting rid of the keys would make everyones life easier. There’s no reason for a key to consume the same amount of space in your imaginary backpack as a mining quarry afterall.