Make color modification for players

Hey !

I’m a begineer at lua and I was wondering how I could make a code that’ll modify players color on the server, I know that I’ll probably need that :

But I don’t exactly how to use it and on what folder should I put the lua file, thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english.

DrawColorModify is the wrong way.
Use Entity:SetColor()

DrawColorModify is Color Correction, if you want to change the player’s color you need to run SetColor as markusmarkusz posted above me.

Unless you are talking about
Which is like shirt color in hl2 citizens

Ho, I’m sorry I’ve made a mistake, I was talking about the colors that the players will see in game (Like when you go to Context Menu > Visual Effects > Shaders > Color Modification, to make the colors a bit better and increase the contrast, I’ve made that :

function GM:ModifyColorCorrection(color)
	if SERVER then
		color["$pp_colour_brightness"] = 0
		color["$pp_colour_contrast"] = 1.7
		color["$pp_colour_addr"] = 0
		color["$pp_colour_addg"] = 0
		color["$pp_colour_addb"] = 0
		color["$pp_colour_colour"] = 1.3	
		color["$pp_colour_mulr"] = 0
		color["$pp_colour_mulg"] = 0
		color["$pp_colour_mulb"] = 0

function GM:RenderScreenspaceEffects()

	DrawColorModify( tab )


But it’s working only if you enable the Color Modification (Again with Context Menu > Visual Effects > Shaders > Color Modification), I was wandering what should I change and where should I put the file, thanks for further replies !

GM:ModifyColorCorrection is not a real hook.

See the example in DrawColorModify

The hook is clientside and it must be a table just like shown in the example