Make constraint between prop and non-physics object (door)

Hello everyone.
Can someone suggest how to save door with prop in dupe using Adv.Duplicator (first, not second).
I tried to override util.IsValidPhysicsObject function which used in weld for validation, but still not work.

any ideas?

P.S. Sorry for my English

What door, the prop_door_rotating one?

func_door, but prop_door_rotating not works too.

Note that func_door will be an error if spawned in another map, if it will be saveable at all.

I don’t need work it in SAVE (cuz it will using at servers), adv duplicator and duplicator. It works there.

What? What do you need then?

I need to use func door (dupeable), cuz it more interesting then fading door.

Actually i fixed trouble with saving, now it work in save, but i still can’t dupe it with something else only single door.

Идеи иссякли?)