"Make each shot count"


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Scene build too

the fog in the back looks really strange imo

Can’t really describe what’s off, but it looks all over pretty weird. Definitely not your best.

The sky needs some fog in it. It looks really off when it just stops at a distant tree line.

Funny how the one image i take the most time on is the one ya guys C&C, I appreciate it.
Any way to manipulate the fog in gmod 13?

Mind you guys, I cannot have fancy shadows due to hardware.

go into the Entities tab in the spawn-menu, look under “Editors”, spawn the Fog Editor, hold C, right click it, and click on “Change Properties” or something to that effect. voila, you can now edit fog

Thanks! still trying to find everything out about the update.

The only problems I can see are: there does not appear to be any visual magnets, and the mountain in the back ground is so damn bright. Other wise great job. I wish I could scene build like that.

Not bad, but the gravestones look a little out of place.