Make grenades useful!

New blueprint

Grenade trap:

5 Low quality metal
10 cloth
1 Grenade

you put a metal tube on the wall with an open top and bottom, and put a grenade inside. The grenade is held by its pin to a trip wire( made of cloth, or you could use more low quality metal to make a real wire). so when someone trips the wire, it pulls the pin, when the pin is pulled the grenade drops down. Boom instant trap.

It will be visible so it will be tough to hide and make it anti fun. And say it con only be placed on walls or tree to prevent greifing.

Or when the bear traps come out you can stick one of those in your house.

Or tip grenade to an arrow
Or make a slingshot type weapon firing grenades
Or make us able to pin the grenades while we die so the looter will blow up
Or a grenade belt that can blow up when u press it so u will booom like a suicide bomber
Possiblities are endless

But none of those are really realistic and fit in with rust. The trap can be crafted out of everyday materials.

First of all, his ideas are entirely realistic.
Plus, all of his ideas use everyday materials, in fact, I’d say they use less materials that would be more common than a metal pipe.

Second, no one ever said that Rust is supposed to be realistic.
There is certainly an element of realism but that’s not the same.

Pictured: Realism

Source: Official Facepunch Blog

Err’… And then what… Minus 25 HP? Press your medkit and it’s gone?

Like seriously, you will damage him/her slightly but 9/10 times they’re with a team anyways?

I really don’t think it makes any difference…