Make Headcrabs Stay on Zombies

Hey guys, this is just a general question; is there a way in Gmod to make the headcrab stay on the zombies when they are killed? For instance when you kill a zombie with the crowbar, the headcrab remains attached to the ragdoll and I would like this to happen with every other swep in the game all of the time.

Help is appreciated.

I’m afraid not. The hl2 zombies act in the exact same way. I mean, you can replace the models, but they would still drop headcrabs.

It’s possible, I made this addon for you

Zombies keep their headcrabs attached if the damage dealt during the killing blow is > 25% of their max health. The addon just detects when zombies takes damage and if that damage is going to kill them, make it lots of damage (2x their health just to be sure).

Unfortunately poison zombies are coded a little different, they still drop 1 every time.

go to spawn menu spawn npc hold c click npc ignore all and disable thinking, go to ragdolls and find headcrab put on it head, done

Thanks Wh1t3rabbit, that is what I was looking for and it works well :slight_smile:

There’s also a simple trick - if you shoot a zombie in the body with the crossbow, the headcrab should die with it and stay put.

Or maybe you have to shoot at the headcrab. It’s one of those things that I do all the time but can’t remember for sure when trying to explain, ha.