Make it Simpler: An idea for an alternative gamemode

I usually write massive walls of text so I’ll try to keep this short and to the point.

The game in it’s current state feels too top heavy for me, all of the cool stuff is at the top of the pyramid, restricted to those who have been on the server longer than everyone else.

I suggest a gamemode with the following restrictions:
-Firearms and explosives of any kind are not available.**

  • Axes, pickaxes, spears, and bows will keep the combat up close and personal and make fights last a lot longer. Imagine being able to stand outside your base and guard it without fear of being sniped?*
    **-Buildings can’t be reinforced past the stone tier, and doors can’t be made metal or armored. **
    Your base can be broken into by determined enough people, but you can pretty easily return the favor. *
    -Keypad locks aren’t available, regular locks only

    *This keeps the number of locked doors in a base down and opens up people to new, more interesting base designs (the logic being that raiding is inevitable and you don’t have too much to lose at any given time). Also, stealing keys will be practical.

*a simple and useful addition to the game would be a door bar or restraint. A piece of wood on a hinge that can be dropped into place to lock a door from the inside. This would help new people a lot.

What do these changes do for the game? Getting killed from extreme distances or while on the run is no longer a thing. People have to get up close and personal to get you and/or your base. The lack of keypads and high-level materials discourages “raid proof” designs such as elevator bases, while encouraging more interesting arrangements, such as camps, castles, actual houses, etc. Floor spikes, barricades, and bear traps have more of a purpose now, keeping those hoards of melee and bow wielding barbarians away from your front door. (you can’t shoot them away or rocket them anymore) With wooden doors only, it’s much easier to get raided and raid other people, which increases the speed of the gameplay, as most people are on equal footing. So your house is more likely to get raided while you’re offline, but you’re going to get a lot more action while you’re online.

With less “end game” content to wreck all the noobs with, top players are forced to actually compete with each other for fun instead of just dominating them. The advantage in raiding will transition from whoever has the most exclusive firepower to whoever has the most organized group of people. How many archers do you have? Who’s gonna have a spear? Who breaks the doors down and chops people with axes? The purpose of raiding shifts as well, the “top” stuff being metal axes, metal body armor, stone spears, etc. People are more inclined to battle for fun and rivalry instead of resources hoarding, and because these are items that are not too hard to get back after losing everything, people will be less inclined to leave a server after getting raided.

I felt really compelled to express this idea somehow, and I tried to organize it as best I could. I think it’d be fun, and I’d love to play on a server like this, how about you?

videogames are too hard :frowning:

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the troubles of internet sarcasm

You must get killed a lot.

Why not join a modded server, or host your own?

They are making the base game, then lets us do whatever the crap we want with it. I think thats way better than them spending time on different game modes.

If it’s too hard for you to get up to those levels, why not find a gentler server?

I can’t spare much time to type this out because my mom is calling for me and the basement ceiling is leaking again.

Yesterday while I was writing my blog, “Why nice guys shouldn’t finish last” I came to an epiphany: **I am just bad at rust.
** People have been telling me for a long time now. My psychiatrist says I have a compulsory need to share my opinions with people, and that I should cut down. So a little after my ゲイ少年アニメ (Boku no pico) love pillow came in, I decided to hop in my MadCatz gaming chair, throw on my Turtle Beach headset, crack open a can of Gamer Fuel and play rust the “right way”.

Then I realized I have no friends and got epically butthurt.

*True story.

Beautiful trolling. Bravo all around.

Why did this get so much hate, it’s a damn good idea.
Who said ot had to be implemented right away? It could even be done at the end point of the development.
Modded servers always seem to have something wrong with them (for example death messages or tp) so they don’t please me at all.
I give this threas a positive reply, because it is a good idea.

If this interests people, they should create their own server with these rules. Just because other modded servers are not like this one, doesn’t mean they can’t be.

Developers add content. Would you feel great about making a sick-ass decrepit nuclear silo that took you 2 months to model and another 2 weeks to texture, just for it to be cut out by this “simple” gamemode?

If people want stuff like this, they’ll put up modded servers for it like everyone else has mentioned.