Make it so when entering a trigger, certain skybox props hide.

I’ve been trying to this for the past day, and EVERYTHING I’ve been doing doesn’t seem to work. I’ve tried a number of networked bools, networked entity values, etc, etc. NOTHING seems work!


I have tried virtually everything, have rewritten this 3 times over, and I’m about ready to pull out my hair. Networking works fine for the actual entity (entering and unentering), but I CAN’T seem to make the props that I want to make invisible, invisible upon entering the trigger.

It seems like it would be really easy to just set a networked variable (on the actual entity itself) and have it read from that on the client (since apparently the client can’t search through entity names), but it doesn’t even recognize the networked variable (something like Entity:SetNWBool and checking with that from the client apparently won’t work).

I’ve also put some of the server code under a PlayerSpawn hook to make sure they are there to receive the code, but it doesn’t seem to work either.

Does anyone know how I could go about doing this

You could try ent:AddEffects(EF_NODRAW) on the client, that will certainly stop some entity from rendering.

I managed to sleep on it and reminded myself to put the code where it should properly go (make it so the code is under the trigger’s touch and endtouch and automatically executes ONLY when the PostInit stuff has run). However, this worked for making everything nonvisible really well!


instead of making it non visible you might consider

that will prevent it from sending info to the client resulting in less network usage

of course i could be horribly wrong or you might want certain things to remain networked. just thought i would throw the idea at you

Hes clearly doing it per player and not global so this won`t help.