Make ladders not permitted ONLY on player made buildings.

I see people ranting about the change but there’s no threads titled with the solution.

You should still be able to put ladders on rocks, to counter "impossible’ rock bases. Player made buildings is fine though, to get rid of the Chinese style houses being thrown up these days. Simple solution, simple fix, simple post. Give it a shot rather than reverting back to where the rock bases were prominent back in the day. Hell try it for a week and see how it works out!



Rust for life.

Use of ladders for raids I think should fall by the wayside.

They are too quiet and making raiding a bit too easy. It also leads to the ugly pagoda style buildings we currently have.

However, for security reasons I use them extensively in my builds. They allow silent movement between floors, and they allow storage in what would normally be a stairwell. They have their place, but I feel raiding should have a different kind of noisy ladder that alerts residents more than what the current ladders do.

I agree ladder protection is ugly but this change is nerfing raiding too much. Definitely for smaller groups, it also stops the little guy from robbing big groups quarries. You literally need to make tons of c4 now to raid anything, since tool raiding get hit last week also.

Hate the ugly floor surrounded bases. Ladders should be cupboard perm. only, and rocks should be made so you cant build on top of them. Simple solution.

They still work on rocks. Tool cupboard radius was changed.

Time to add shacks with toolcupboards around my rockbase.

Old rust didnt have them and it wasnt a issue

So, what you’re telling me is that everyone should build elevator bases instead? Whats wrong with ladders, it’s like building a raid tower in old rust except more sensible and more temporary.

O rly?

These pillars were such a pain in the ass to craft/place…

There should be a way to make your base-wall ladder proof with vertical spikes (wood /metal) like the barricades, this will give more options in base design.