Make map default before live! Trust me!

The idea of map needing to be researched is kind of backwards in my opinion and here I will explain as quickly as possible:

Research table is basically 2k metal, and 1.1k wood. Skipping the part where I math out how much that really is when you consider the need for a furnace and the time it takes, lets just say that the RT is a later game item.

Most people will be roaming, exploring, and harvesting the map* more* early on because they are trying to build up their supplies so it’s actually worth having a base and going for these things. This early stage is the perfect time for the player to have a map that they can draw on as they explore, causing this map to grow in value the longer it has been in play, thus making your life more valuable the longer you’ve had it.

By the time the player will have farmed up enough to make a RT and a safe home to store it in, they will have basically memorized all the nearby surroundings and the benefit and point of making a map have diminished.

I propose simply making the map default, and possibly reducing the cost. I don’t think 1000 wood is TOO unreasonable, but considering that’s a good chunk of the starting rocks durability, I think it’s reasonable to assume we’d get a stone hatchet, spear and a few barrels before getting started on a map; so I have no opinion on cost.

I have to say that I completely agree with the logic behind this. The map should be there to help newbies not as a useless end game item

I believe its gonna be common barrel dropped blueprint.

Like P.Mike, I’m guessing maps or the map BP will be pretty common drops in barrels much like stone hatchets and bows are now.

I’m mostly ok with going that route, but then if we are discovering maps why do they need to be de-fogged? Either it’s a hand drawn map and we draw it as we explore (the way it is currently) or it’s discovered and it reveals all or certain parts, and we aren’t sure where we are on it. One or the other but not both.

I generate a map of the island from and use that to initially find my way around. I can see the in-game map having use as well though.

You don’t think 1,000,000 wood is too unreasonable? Hehe.