Make maps only download when voted.

I was wondering how to set the downloads up so it only downloads when a map is voted for by the players. e.g in jailbreak the map only downloads when it is being played instead of all the maps when you first initially join.
ive done this before but cant remember for the life of be how.


this is automatic unless you are forcing the maps to download from workshop (dont add map workshop files to your resource file gmod takes care of workshop maps automatically )

If i dont have them in the workshop file then i get missing map errors when joining

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do i get the map bsp’s and put them in the server? will that make them download?
i have the maps in a workshop collection

if you are using a map from the workshop on the server (by having the map subscribed to in your server collection not the bsp extracted from the workshop) then it should download the map by itself UNLESS it is part of a pack i believe.

If you have the bsp on your server then you need to add the map to your fastdl not your workshop.

so long as both the server and the client get the map from the same place the client should download it automatically

well for some reason it doesnt download them when i have them in the workshop collection. which is odd

single maps?

Yes, single maps

if you have a fast dl add them to your fastdl and remove them from the forced downloads