Make me a HL2 gamemode

Could someone make me a pretty simple gamemode based on a Half-life 2.
It should be like a Half-life 2 co-op gamemode.

There should be these things:

>Players have rebel models.
>Players can’t hurt each others.
>Starting weapon is crowbar.
>Respawn points would be info_player_start_red (I know there isn’t those, but I think it’s possible to spawn on a obsolete entity thing. If not, make it spawn on a info_player_start)
>Make the npcs die like in a Half-life 2 on normal or hard difficult level, not like in a Garry’s mod: dies from 1 headshot (pistol).
>(optional) Gets +1 point to scoreboard when killing a npc.
>(optional) Names are visible above the player or somewhere.
>Add your credits.

If you know that there is already this kind of gamemode and know, where to get it, link it to me.


I have completed the requested gamemode, however, you must complete a quest to receive it as your rightfully deserved reward.

is this a joke

What do you mean mistertickles?

The gamemode as requested in your original post has been completed. It will be delivered to you upon your completion of a quest proving your worth to use said gamemode.

lua king

no life man

Isn’t this like Half-Life 2 Campaign on Garry’s Mod?

Or like Synergy?

Synergy is terrible, HL2 Campaign is broken.

Where is your God now?

Obsidian Conflict ?

Everything else would be like in a hl2 except those things that I listed. And yes cruma.

Actually, it perfectly works. At least it does to me.

>Respawn points would be info_player_start_red
info_player_rebel maybe?

tall order, fat chance

I am going to play my hl2 maps in garrys mod with my friends, but I don’t have any gamemode where npcs won’t die so easily. I’m making this map: (bsp)
It’s not ready, but try it.

It’s okay SiPlus666.

Young Heke V, until now you have persistently ignored our calls to action.

Your Holy Grall has been crafted from the utmost quality of LUA coding and eagerly awaits you as its faithful owner within the confines of my hard drive.

Should you strongly desire the gamemode you requested in the original post, which I have, once again, crafted from the utmost quality of LUA coding for you, then you must accept a quest to prove your worth of possessing a gamemode of such quality and power.

Okay… I accept.

Very well.

He who seeks power must detain knowledge sufficient to control said power. The complexity and intricacy in which your requested gamemode has been crafted requires a sufficient amount of knowledge to master its greatness.

Solve the following riddle and its answer will lead you to the beginning of your quest, young adventurer;

When the sun rises, not only its bowels turn to darkness. Where you begin your quest matters less than how you undertake your journey. What am I?

A headcrab?