Make Me An AK47 That Doesn't Shoots Babies

I’d like an AK47 that acts and looks exactly like the normal AK47, but you can’t shoot babies with it.

Erm, q menu>weapons>ak47.

God this has got to be a joke.

I sure hope so

stop shooting at them

My name is micheal j caboose and i hate babies

Okay here’s a gun that acts nothing like the normal AK47, and you can shoot babies with it.

Using such a gun would be troublesome, seeing as




This was actually a play on the description for the Requests section. It reads “Post your stupid “Make My Graphics Card Better With Lua” and “Make Me An AK47 That Shoots Babies” requests in here.”


Except it wasn’t funny because that’s already implemented.

This was hysterical.

It annoys me that this thread gets more views then my other, more important threads.

Then stop looking at it.