Make me an AK47 that shoots grenades

And if you could, make it yell “GRENADE” like they do in this video at the first time he yells “Grenade!” at 0:19

Change “Chair” to “ent_grenade” instead, I think. In: This

And find what you want in This

Title is oddly close to “Make Me An AK47 That Shoots Babies”

That’s the joke.

And yeah, just edit the example.

Damn. Id rather one that shoots babies.

there is

If you want it to launch stock HL2 Grenades; Search “Grenade” on
Other wise, Try some of these SWEPs:

“a35 Grenade Launcher”

“Frag Launcher”

“TW H-P Grenade Launcher”

If you really NEED to have an AK47 Model and that Sound;

Go through the folders to the SWEP’s “Shared.lua”
( EX. ‘Grenade Swep’>LUA>weapons>‘Weapon folder name’> Shared.lua )

Open the “Shared.lua”; Open it with Notepad, if you don’t have a program to open lua.
(Works fine with notepad)

Press “Ctrl” + “F” and search for “SWEP.VeiwModel”
You should be taken to a string that looks similar to this,
SWEP.ViewModel = “models/weapons/v_model.mdl”
Where you see “v_model”, Replace it with “v_rif_ak47”.

Edit: That “grenade” sound thing, kinda died. :suicide: