Make me model something.

I’m in need of some practice, but my imagination is as dry as a desert right now. So this is why i’m asking you people to suggest me something to model. I’m still learning this, so please limit the suggestions to props or non-organic things.
Also, previous works so you don’t suggest something i’ve already done.


Fire away!

Since you are into round stuff I suggest you make some nice Binoculars/Night Vision Googles.


Spelling mistakes :frowning:

A cactus.

Done and done.

I got lazy in the end, but it’s a quick model, so yeah.


Although now that i look at it, i don’t really understand how it would focus. I guess the thickest ring on the eyepiece would do.

An AK-47.


Give it some nice textures and release it!
Also I support mister Tampios idea, that gun looks like a nice challenge.

That seems like a good one. I’ll try it.

a Epic sword
for learning rights !

Here’s the progress on the m31, if anyone cares.

what software? I am a modeller too.

3ds Max 2009

Ear muffs/ Hearing Protection

a long barrow on a p90… make it a p90mk2 assault rifle.

curse thy overpriced modelling software! I’m more of a blender-head myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Small update before i go to bed. This is coming along surprisingly well.

very good update! All you need now is to smooth the edges out on the stock of the gun and you are good to go and texture XP

Nah, still need to make a proper rear sight, make that opening in the side above the magazine, add a trigger and trigger guard, put that lever thingy under the rear of the barrel near the stock, and only then work on the stock itself. And then i gotta UV that shit and unghhh…
Also, right now all of that is about 2000 polys. I expect it to at least double in the end.

I wonder why no one in the MODELS forum makes V_Models, i would suggest a artificial melon, Coz you know… Everyone loves melons, or maybe a mutated melon :3:

Those are some very good models. Better than what I could do.

How about a cannon? The Ye Old style from way back?