Make me paranoid again in 5 easy steps! - Suggestion

The game is really turning out great and I am amazed how well it’s working on Linux now. I think the secrete sauce from legacy was constant paranoia and knowing that while death was so easy, you always had a chance to defend yourself because others died just as easy. I think these suggestions would go a long way.

  1. Trees should block all projectiles and be used as cover once again. Only two weirdos like it the way it is. When you’re in trouble, running to the tree’s is the natural and correct decision. As of now it just screws players who don’t know better and helps sniper towers (who likes those guys!). Tactics = Fun.

  2. Reduce armor effectiveness. Crappy ass home made armor should help a little, but a dude with a weapon should still be a huge threat. Just an increment of being able to take 3 bullets instead of 2 is a huge jump but we currently have scenarios that you have to hit every revolver shot (and it shoots like crap) and the dude is still standing. Make armor cheaper and less effective.

  3. Lower the cost of the lower tier weapons. For example the Semi auto pistol is too expensive with the invent of the semi-auto rifle. More weapons = more danger.

  4. The help player function should take about 3 times longer to actually do it. Another idea would be a cool down period, as in you can’t use your hot bar for 5 seconds if you helped somebody or got helped (but you can when you self heal).

  5. Headshots, Headhshots, Headshots! Make the head’s hitbox smaller if need be but but these should be devastating with armor really only allowing you just live through it.

A. Fire pit should be created instantly. I don’t know why this bothers me so much but it seems I can make a pickax in the same time it takes to stack twigs that I already collected.

B. Remove the “comfort” system where you need to be around other players to heal up to 100%. Let me get food, make a fire and be at 100% all by my lonesome. Your only contributing to the obesity epidemic with your current system!

C. The revolver blows. Keep the junker as it is but maybe let it shoot rifle ammo to make it like a .357 so it has substantially more power. I only use it if I find one but never create it. Revolvers are actually very accurate IRL so that could be another way to fix that sloppy mess.

D. High velocity arrows due less damage WTF. Just like the guns they should do more damage and fly faster and hence worth the expense.

1: I agree

2: Debatable - If they add a better variant of gear then yes.

3: I agree, and I think they should even go as far as adding homeade rifle bullets that would occasionally jam.

4: Here’s an idea, we should be able to stabilize the player instantly, but to help them up we need to use medical supplies. But then again, it would be kind of a pain in the ass.

5: I really haven’t seen any issues with the hitbox IMO

A: Eh, maybe faster but not instantly. I’d enjoy a proper animation of striking a flint though.

B: I think cooked food should increase comfort a bit, but I enjoy the idea of being around friends. Humans cannot be alone, we enjoy company.

C: OR they should add a stronger variant of this. The Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum Revolver is basically a huge hand cannon that exists IRL.

D: Bows should be buffed in general in my opinion. They should still be relevant endgame for those who want to challenge themselves.

IMO the help function should both need a healing item, and have a 3-5 second combined animation for BOTH players.

firepits and other primitive gear crafting times need a serious nerf, but as teddy said, not instant.

otherwise agree with basically everything. i think armour IS too effective, especially given the homemade nature of it. i think that headshots should have a massive multiplier that means most of the time a single unprotected headshot from any source kills you outright, and one with armour in place leaves you on low health. :words:

all agree on everything besides the Semi Pistol thing. The price is perfectly fine its far stronger then the Semi Rifle if used correctly, the ammo is cheaper and the range is a bit better then with the rifle.