Make me something PLEASE

I am wondering if someone can make me A menu where people can change player models that is for admins and donators only on my server by pressing like f2 or something. I would also like it to be easy to add playermodels/removethem

This will probably take no time if your a decent lua coder

(I do not use sandbox so I can not use that menu)

            If someone makes me this I will be very thankful. 

(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title" - mahalis))

Well, I don’t think someone is making that for free :wink:

Its not too hard. Time consuming. Offer somebody some payment

Making this gets you pancake mix. Something that you ain’t got (I am not paying anyone mmk)


If you can use pointmod can be used as a shop for playermodels please tell me how to add them.

Also remarks like that show maturity. Nobody will do this for free

You can still learn LUA yourself, but such requests are made often here, and nobody will do it for free.

Can someone tell me if pointmod can be used as a playermodel menu/shop? I would just make them really expensive so I have to give people the points.

How about you link us?

Can you let people buy playermodels with this mod

Yes just make one with ply:SetModel(“Model/Path”)