Make mining ores accesible through the rock mountains.

It would be cool if they added ores that were attached to the mountains so people could mine for sulfur/metal/rocks by hitting at the mountain. It could identified on what you’re mining through the color of the ores on the mountain (big patches on the mountain that identify what ore is there)

no it would be soo easy to get m4’s then

This would be over powered as shit. Imagine someone aft just holding there mouse for 10 minutes how much metal they would get. I mean maybe if you were able to dig out the map to find some in the ground would be cool but not just hit the mountain and bam rocks.

M4’s are easy to get anyways it doesnt matter. You raid a duppers/hackers house and then theres 50+ m4’s out in the server and it just keeps going.

if the ammount of gathered metal ore etc from a stone would be lowered and houses became more safe and harder to break in and raid… it´s a good request. I mean you can get wood from trees. So why not from mountains???

Well, you see. Mountains are made of rock… not wood.

Oh gosh… You know that he means getting rocks from the mountains… ^-^

I would agree but like trees mountains should only give 1 stone per hit.
But there should be less to get from a mountain (stones) than from a tree (wood).

Maybe the stones you get from the mountains are different. Like you get stones for a new way of building a house.
A house made out of stone and clay. Of course not a stone door but you get what I mean.