Make nametags viewable from further away.

One thing that would help this game a lot would be to increase the range of the nametag above players. It is hard to tell who you are looking at until you are very close to them. This makes it difficult for us to tell who is friend and who is foe. Also it would be great if there could be an indication of people who are on your Steam friend’s list. I know there are much more important things first, but I assume this would be something easy to change in the game.


to make it even better, add option to tag as friendly ( like in dayz ). but it could be better if :-

  1. can see friends from far
  2. no damage on friends

just saying~

they dont want it to be easy to know friend from foe, this would also be heavily abused and just plane stupid. i vote nay!

Are you crazy to see other players tag from a far distance. That is totally nuts, let alone seeing tags at all is not good. If I am standing near you IRL can I see your tag(name) lol. Tag friendly is the only best option and only option that is real. I should not be able to point at someone and see their tag plain and simple!!!

The main reason this is even an issue is because everyone looks the same since there is not a way to color your clothing/armor atm.

communication is key!

In real life, everyone has different characteristics and appearances that you distinguish between people. In the game, there’s 4 (?) different sets of armor - everyone looks identical.

I think making the viewing distance for names slightly more would be good (perhaps double the distance).

the ammount of spotting players you only noticed because of a glowing yellow name would rocket sky high!

Tag is the only option.

Nametags shouldn’t even exist in this game.

As a server Admin, I’d actually like the option to remove nametags altogether, as well as death messages. Hardcore survival is hardcore. Part of the fun is the mystery of not magically knowing friend from foe, or who killed you.

What I’d like to see is nametags viewable from approximately the distance one could recognize a familiar face from RL, They could also be viewable through scopes/binoculars/etc, if you can zoom in on a person close enough. Even when character customization is in, I expect there will still be a lot of similar looking people, and this would simulate being able to spot a familiar face.

why do people always compare games to real life…its a game

As long as I have a visible way to discern friends from anyone else, I don’t really care how whatever else is implemented. I just want to be able to tell which people are the people I am with so I don’t accidentally shoot one.

that would just cause a mass friendly fire

I like the scoping idea

There should be a friend foe tagging system. But only for people you’ve met before. So say if one person if giving you grief then you can tag him foe. Everyone else you’d have to do what you do know untill you get to know them. i Don’t see whats so wrong about this the devs shouldn’t pigeon hole them selfs so soon.

There definitely is a problem with discerning friends from foe a lot of the time.

This is an extremely difficult problem to tackle without breaking other aspects of the game, until more customization of characters appearances is made. Not only that, but perhaps being able to dye armor, or hell, even design your own armor’s outward appearance in more specific ways than a different shade of color.

No, this issue will be resolved once people have more customization options for their toon. It’s fine as it is now, infact it’s hilarious. My group always roll with torch mods on their guns, so we flash the torches quickly to confirm who we are. No flash, dead. It’s not perfect and sometimes we kill each other, but that’s part of the fun.