Make one desktop shortcut with a parameter and one without?


I need to make a GMod shortcut on my desktop with the parameter


and one without it, so I can play with my friends through Hamachi on a listen server and play normal GMod on internet servers without having to go into game startup options every time and change the parameters.

Does anyone know how to do this? I would be able to do it myself before Steam began to use URL adresses instead of normal shortcuts, but now I have no idea.

I think you have to add: “connect <ip>” in your command line, WITH the quotes.


I’m talking about desktop shortcuts. Connecting and stuff goes fine when I use Hamachi, no problems there.

Just want to know if i can make different shortcuts with different parameters.

Yes you can
Just copy the same shortcut, and then add other information.

What do you want me to change? That’s what I am asking.

I want a shortcut WITH the parameter +ip
And one WITHOUT the parameter.

If you are using that shortcut to direct connect to a server you need to use the connect command.

I am using that shortcut to connect the game.
I just want to not have to go into my library and click Properties -> Launch options on GMod every time I want to host a listen server and everytime I don’t want to, so I just have to click a desktop shortcut.

Like, if I had this shortcut “GMod Listen” and this other one “GMod Play”
So the one with GMod Listen has for example these parameters:
-console +ip
And the one with GMod Play only has this one:

The reason I want this is that when i have “+ip” as a parameter, I can only host and cannot connect to other servers as it is a LAN-only connection from Hamachi. So I have to remove the “+ip …” parameter if I want to play online and add it if I want to play with my friend on Hamachi.