Make otherwise unbreakable props destructible.

Hello, I tried searching around but the only results I found were some strange cheat codes to make items unbreakable. An unanswered request how to destroy doors and a STool that makes items unbreakable.

I want the exact opposite to that. I want to make a car that can get its door destroyed, wheels break etc. Just fun cannons strapped on top of boards.
I am aware of welding with a force limit, but that just makes them fall off. I want them to break and disappear.
So far, I’ve just been building everything out of wooden boxes, but these are hard to work with since they are all boxes of identical shape and size.

Thus, my question:
Is there any way at all to make metal items or whatnot break after being hit with a crowbar a few times or similar? They don’t need to break into smaller pieces, but they do need to disappear completely.

After much googling I stumbled upon the site and found these:

The first makes props breakable and they explode on destruction, which is kind of a bother, but still better than nothing!
The second does not have an info.txt file so it doesn’t work :frowning:

You can make the info.txt yourself with minimal effort.

I simply put the files in the main garrysmod folder and a “Health” tool is present, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

That is a very bad way of installing it. If you are too lazy, then place it in addons, copy the info.txt off some other addon, paste it in there, open it up and change the name. Done.