Make plane "double-faced" in Blender?

So, in Blender, I’m trying to make a plane double-faced (double-sided), as in a texture is visible on both sides of a plane. How can I do this? I do understand that I can just duplicate the plane and “flip” it, but it becomes a hassle when I need to move it, so I want to know if there’s a way I can do this on one plane.

Select faces, press Space button, type ‘Duplicate’, press enter. Here you will get duplicated face in the same places where the original faces are.

If you make model for Source Engine, you don’t have to duplicate. You can simply add “$nocull 1” line in your model’s .vmt-file, so the faces will be rendered from both sides.

In your 3D viewport, press N, look for the “Shading” menu and uncheck the “Backface Culling” box.

Ah, thank you very much! I am making the model for Source, so yeah, that works.

That didn’t do anything as it was already unchecked, but it’s alright since it’s double-sided in-game.