Make props into explosive props

Is there a stool where you can shoot at a prop with ur toolgun and it transforms into an explosive prop? like when you shoot at it with a gun or it falls at high velocity it explodes like one of those red barrels from half life 2? there should also be a option to edit the blast radius, the sprite, etc.

if there’s already a stool like this can somebody link me, i have been searching for months.

thanks guys.

Edit: the explosive entities stool is not what i’m looking for

Okay, so - the STool which perfectly fits your request, isent good enough.

How come?

  • no ability to change the default sprite
  • the default sprite should be sprite of the exploding barrel from half life 2 (the red one)

By sprites, do you mean models?

I think he means the effects on explosion.

Spawn explosive barrel/propane tank/dynamite/tnt/etc and then use the Model Manipulator tool for now. Although, I like the idea of a stool for that.