Make props move and turn?

So I’m trying to make a car (entity) to move and turn like a player driven vehicle but without a player interacting with it. Now I got it to move in a straight line using this code

local IsDriving = false
local start = Vector()
local finish = Vector()
function ENT:Think()
  if(IsDriving == false) then
    Start = self:GetPos()
    End = self:GetPos()+Vector(0,1,0)
    IsDriving = true
  local ang = ( End - Start ):Angle()
  ang.y = ang.y - 90
  self:SetAngles( ang )
  if IsValid( self:GetPhysicsObject( ) ) then
	self:GetPhysicsObject( ):SetVelocityInstantaneous( ( End - Start ):GetNormalized( ) * 100 )
	self:GetPhysicsObject( ):ApplyForceCenter( ( End - Start ):GetNormalized( ) * 50000)

But I need help on how I would make it stop for X seconds and then start driving again and if it’s possible to make it turn.

Applying physics forces won’t cut it, look how Wiremod’s Vehicle Controller does it.

I don’t want this to be driven by players. I want it to be able to get a route and follow it.

No one?

Read Robotboy’s answer.

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[del]The wiki is also helpful

Vehicle:SetThrottle[/del] misread question