Make running npc walk or SetMovementActivity analogue

Congrats! I trying to make normal working npc and discovered wierd function bug. I want to make npc walk instead of run when he not raged and use this part of code:

self:Health()>self:GetMaxHealth()*0.7) then
	if(self:GetMovementActivity()==ACT_RUN) then

I think you understand that main function here self:SetMovementActivity(ACT_WALK), but it have problem. Frame count in running animation much smaller than in walking animation and running animation play faster (40 fps). In result ACT_WALK plays with ACT_RUN duration and it’s look like this:

Dat animation always restarts and all this looks bad. Question: can i change movement animation without SetMovementActivity?

Problem solved! Just need to write in ENT:SelectSchedule() selecting with conditions if(self:IsCurrentSchedule(SCHED_CHASE_ENEMY)) then self:SetSchedule(SCHED_CHASE_ENEMY) end… very strange