Make Rust great again?

  • tedious crafting (times)
  • large group meta
  • stale roofcamping
  • mediocre map generation - still no legacy map remake and the alternatives suck.
  • laughable attachments (legacy - everyone used these. experimental - noone uses these.)
  • useless large medkit (used to heal 3hp/s in legacy, was just fine - now noone uses it.)
  • (for the longest time)overpowered syringes. just why?
  • abundance of radtown loot and ressources
  • super useless early gameweapons (super rare to aquire via BP system, underpowered)
  • teching up time got artificially extended by unfun grinding and rarity mechanics - dull design decision. let’s see the new system.
  • PVP is now shit due to plate armor and ballistics (semi realistic) paired with “aids” movement (unrealistic. a shitty combination, which was countered by forcing players to crouch with the best weapon…) compared to what it was and lacks consistency and reliabilty.

They just went ahead and reworked and broke mechanics that worked just fine - contrary to popular demand - throwing fun and playability out of the window for the sake of fulfilling their visions? :

“Experimental” - “cuz we experiment up in this bitch” ?

The remake was necessary due to coding limitations (similarly so in Dayz), however remaking the gameplay/core aspects entirely wasn’t, right?

I wish I could get some insight as to why some of these decisions were made, because frankly, from a dedicated players perspective they barely make sense. I still enjoy the game, but it could be so much better.

I say we build a wall. It’ll be a great wall. That wall will make Rust great again.

I strongly agree on one point: there’s just too much farming required. When I log on, once my base is setup, the only things I can find relevant to do are fighting choppers (every 3hrs if its near my base, going to radtowns (eventually I have all bps and it’s just borring) and farming so I can raid bases. But it takes so much time to get enough sulfur to raid a base and it’s just not enjoyable. Quarrys should be buffed, this way we can get more ressources from running that machine. I don’t like farming all the time so I can raid often.

Pumpjacks were broken but they made the game more fun, because we didn’t have to farm so much. That’s why quarrys need heavy buffs.

And we’re going to make the Ark players pay for it.

It takes a boatload to be able to raid someone, but far less to have a big hard to raid base. Also I simply dislike HQM. Why not make metal less available but let us upgrade metal frags to HQM again? Maybe via another process of smelting that requires some new kind of furnace.

Does anyone else agree? is any of this shit ever gonna get addressed? Some of it is really easy to fix…

We do need to address the problem of illegal squeaker immigrants.
They’re stealing all the wood and HQM.


So, to recap… you enjoy crafting gunpowder for hours? You disagree that noone uses attachments (I’d be very pleased to be proven wrong on that one)? You enjoy the “spraying at feet with AK” gameplay? Shittyness of semi auto weps?

I agre with you, I dislike HQM. Lets make metal frags great again.

Go and watch an artist while they paint a picture, now 1/4 way through the creation, i want you to tell them this, that its not good and they need to go back and make it great again.

Nice strawman. When did I ever say that?

Yes, I disagree. I use attachments. Therefore, “no one uses attachments” is false. QED.

I’ve held clans at bay with a bow and arrow. Watching their meltdowns is glorious.

I prefer a technique called “aiming”.

I enjoy doing the dishes, this is Zen.

No, because this is not our game and we don’t have a say in its develop direction.

expect the scope