Make Rust great again

This is my completely my opinion

The snow biome should be added in again. I’m tired of seeing the ugly wasteland laggy land. Its the laggiest place of the map.
Pumpjack should be nerfed then put back in the game.
Bone clubbing back doors should be added back in.
The snow biome was easier for people in small groups to have quarries huge towers etc now its really hard to even get up a quarry.
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I like the addition of the snow biome, but the pumpjack being re-added is a no-no, because it causes End-Game Rust to become a camping simulator. We already have enough problems with roof campers, why add more?
As for “Bone clubbing back doors”, I’m not sure I know exactly what you are talking about…

I’d rather camp in my base managing pumpjacks and quarries than go out and farm for the entire time. I understand Rust is a game about survival but give me an other way to obtain a good amount of ressources. Pumjacks should be added back in the game, they just need some balancing. I’m sure Facepunch can find a good balance for pumpjacks

Well, considering that you are going to still farm for resources to run the pumpjack, you are really not getting another way to obtain a good amount of resources, right?

Ok for the snow biome 100%
But I totally disagree with all other points

No pump Jack too op or make it 2:1 instead of 3:1 backwards doors should be back

False. The only thing you need to farm is wood, which doesn’t take as much time as nodes to get a good amount. Like stated, I never said I’ll never have to farm ressources again, but it reduces the amount of hours farming by a lot

Bone clubbing back doors definitely needs to stay gone. It was a horrible mechanic that punished noobs more then anything.

I agree we need the snow biome back, but I’m pretty sure FacePunch already have plans to reimplement that in someway.

Lastly I doubt pump jacks will ever be readded, the only way i see them readding them is if they decide to implement cars, and making the cars require a higher grade fuel that can only be attained with a pump jack. With that said I honestly hope they never add cars.

There is one road… cars lol. Make it an old Mercedes diesel, they run on anything…

Or a makeshift car.
Well, they had some concepts about cars, and they looked great.

I wouldn’t mind for something open like a dune buggy and isn’t that fast that gets you from one end of the map to the other like the heli does.

Yes, it should be brought back. A certain type of player chooses to live in that biome, and I want to live near that kind of folk.