Make Rust more like mmo game than like typical online game.

I think spreading player to many servers lowering quality of Rust gameplay. I see two solution:

  1. Create few huge servers with hundreds of players and bigger map.

  2. Distributed architecture - Every server will be different island and all of that will be connected by the see. Players can sail across see to another isladn/server.

I thin second idea is great solution, Wurm online using that for example.

Hmm, seems like an interesting idea.

The map’s big enough, it’s just incomplete with nodes and structures. The low player count is due to the number of private servers and the lack of interest from the disperse of players and the lack of content at the moment.

Sailing across oceans seems like an interesting idea, but that insinuates that some type of society or business exists. Rust is post-apocalyptic; there are no rules, no definite helping hands or open arms. However, different landscapes seems pretty cool, but that could easily be achieved by having different regions for the map.

Yeah, but imagine that you are not bounded to server. You can just sail of fly to another island/server.

Typical you can play at your server but imagine that:
you meet someone on forum, and he is from another server. You want play with him but you won’t lose your character, so solution is simply sailing to his server. It will allow to transfer between servers and it’s realistic from point of view inside the game, it’s not just magic switch to another world.

I can understand that, but someone could join a server with instacraft or something and take those benefits to a server not meant to have such privileges.

So sorver connected to that system must meet the requirements