Make something break

I want to make a part of the ground break when for example a buggy or a vehicle that i’ve built touches the specific ground.
And then respawn in 5 seconds.
How could i do that?

Cut out the part of the ground you want to break and hit Ctrl+T. Then set the entity to a func_breakable. Edit all the settings then go to the flags tab. You can hit either Break Only on Trigger or Break on Touch. Break on Touch will break when the buggy or the player touches it. But I would recommend a trigger to break it. When the buggy goes through the trigger brush, the ground will break where the buggy touches the brush.

Thanks, but what do I do with the trigger brush? should I name if something special? trigger_, func_?
And do you know how to make it respawn?

Make it a trigger_once and give it an output like: ontrigger -> [name of your func_breakable] -> break

Oh yeah. Make the trigger a trigger_multiple with an output of OnTrigger… (breaking piece name)… Break. Then to respawn put a point_template and in keyvalues there should be a template 1. Make that the ground pieces name. Then add another trigger somewhere else or use the same one and make the output OnTrigger… (point_template name)… ForceSpawn.

That should do it :slight_smile:

Uhm, should i make the ground pieces name template 1 or add the ground pieces name in the template 1 value? Also, There is no ForceSpawn in outputs :S.

It cant be a displacement btw