Make squad members actually follow you

I’m so tired of running around the map or in a building to turn around and find none of my squad is following me anymore. Ones stuck behind a door or others decide to quit following if I’m too fast. \

Is there anyway someone could fix the AI so my squad mates don’t have down syndrome?

Don’t say stuff about down syndrome, it’s a very serious issue. If you make fun of it here what would you say in real life.

The problem is valve, go complain to them about AI, you can’t just magically make a file with LUA that makes npcs or bots as smart as an actual player.

But you can make it magically. With magic.

Comparing two different people ? What.

It 's node related ! Nodes are map entities that make npcs “smarter”

Get a better map, or decompile, renode, recompile and fun.
I’ve re-noded a map once, shouldn’t be too hard.