Make texture from a cam

Hello world,

I don’t know if I can make a texture from a cam to apply it on my sent :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you help me ? Is it possible ? If not, do you have an other idea ?

Thanks for answer !

If you’re talking about an ingame camera, just use a render target camera with the proper texture

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Unless of course there’s a better way to do this


This function ?

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Please help me :frowning:

I search how get the “cam texture” but I don’t find it.

Can you help me ? please

Try this one:

Use the example if you can and adapt it to your needs.

What is the function for set the texture of an entity, please ?

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How can I save my texture for use it ? Becaus I try to put it on my props with **[Entity.SetMaterial](** but it does’nt work :frowning: