Make the weapon lower whenever I reload

How can I make it so that my weapon is lowered everytime the gun is reloaded? Aka Goldeneye?

Y’know. Like in mad cow’s, when you lower your weapon.


function onSecondaryAttack( )


function Deploy( )

function Holster( )


Yeah. I’m not sure what to do with these. Could you be a little more specific, please?

when u open shared.lua in the weapon find onSecondaryAttack() and put what i wrote in there

you are completely 100% wrong

Use GetViewModelPosition, you can find an example of its application in the weapon_cs_base ironsights code.

worked for me but w.e

No such thing as onSecondaryAttack(). It’s not in the shared.lua, nor in the base swep.

You can also use CalcView and return vm_origin and vm_angles with it.

I thought for a second you could set up your NetworkedInt “reloading” so as long as the reload animation is playing (reloading = true) you could define a separate vector to move the gun somewhere, in your case, down.

It is something to do with GetViewModelPosition, but as far as I can tell you’d have to give up having ironsights if you want something extra like that. (maybe I was doing it wrong?)