Make these ragdolls players?

Sooo, I think it would be totally awesome if someone made these ragdolls (and the one NPC) into playermodels :smiley:

Just a few suggestions :smiley:

Super Smash bros, Wanted suit, Mirrors Edge Cops, and the Metroid Prime guy can’t be made into players

They can… but it means rerigging the model to have a half life 2 bone structure… and by doing that you can then apply the animations.

Alot of ragdolls out there use a custom bone structure, often from the actual model in the first place, which means you have to go and waste your time rigging them up to the hl2 bone structure.

there actually is an ODST mariene, and an HECu grunt of that style as a player model. Check shotgunguy’s player thread. Only thing is, the only HECU grunt of that style is the gasmask white one. But still, awesome. Plus, there’s better Hgrunt players he has.

Well, I guess I will take a look at the Nazi CSS guys later, maybe throw in a bad NPC as well

Hmm it would be cool if we could get some DoD:S player models too, I want to buy the game but I don’t have any money right now :frowning:

The DoS:S playermodels come with Garry’s Mod.
They can be found in the garrysmod content.gcf.
Just extract them and then download a relacement skin for the Axis and Allies.