make this into a ragdoll?

can somebody make this into a ragdoll?

heres the links to the pictures:

when your done send a link to the download…thanx

They are just generic soldiers with PSX graphics.

can you use the pics to make ragdolls of them?

Why dont you just download some soldier models?
Its the same thing, but without the shitty PSX graphics.

can you send me a link?

i wanna have some time splitters 2 radolls too man

i agree it would be epic

There is an “agree” button.

See? I will agree myself.

:bang: Care to join me?

i know that


what do you mean lol

He’s bashing his head into a wall

if i got a TimeSplitters 2 ragdoll id want the monkey

Timesplitters future perfect is my favorite

Its time to split!