Make ulx warp permanent

So my last forum, didnt get any repleys. But can anyone help me with making !setwarp a permanent thing

If you want to save any data in GMod for later use, you need to write & read data to a file or database.

Some helpful links: (if you want to use files) (if you want to use gmod’s database)

I never used file, can you give me a example?

Yes, he can
The wiki is your friend, read it

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wtf dude your last thread isn’t even a day old
Have some patience Jesus Christs. Also just bump the old thread, no need to make a new one

Why not use cookies or pdata?

Why would you save anything client-side? There is absolutely no reason for the client to save the warp positions. Only the server needs this info, not the player.

If you’re too lazy to learn how to write/read to databases or files properly, sure go for it… At the end of the day it still boils down to sql/file handling like I said. (referring to pdata, i haven’t seen much about cookies yet I suppose that’s fine as long as you do it server-side.)

Both of those functions can (and should) be used server-side, and they both “properly” use sql

Why would you set any player’s PData in this case? These warps are for all players to use, right? Then that’s the*** improper*** way to store that data.

His last thread about this is still on the first page and is not closed:
Can you give us your code? Because it looks like spoonfeeding.