Make wall nodraw for VIP's only

hi, how would i make a func_wall_toggle nodraw for a certain team?

Sassilization made a custom entity that pushes any person not on the VIP team.

As far as I know it isn’t possible unless you only toggle it clientside on the desired team’s clients.

Oh, NODRAW. I thought you wanted it to allow people to pass through it.

You would do it clientside by checking the player’s team, getting all func_wall_toggle’s and v:SetMaterial(“nameofsomeinvisibletexture”).
After that you would make it run that whenever someone changes team (Or whatever works for you).

ok, ill try it, thanks

I would suggest an entity, not a brush.

Well, you make an entity no collide to the person. You either use gm_guardian or Entity.SetOwner because constrant.NoCollide doesn’t work for players.

If you just want it to nodraw, all you have to do is:


On the clientside of the VIP

Dont use gm_guardian, there is already a function in GMod that does the same thing.

Since when?


Since several updates ago.