make world anti-noclip

i want make the world anti-noclip (no one can noclip thru world.) i remember i had addon but i deleted everything a while back and i dont remember name of the addon.

Well… if you made a custom map (With that grammar I doubt it) you could just incase the map in a trigger_hurt so anyone who noclips out would be killed…

no any/all map world anti-noclipped there is an addon but i forgot name of it i need it :frowning:

I think the addon he’s talking about is an addon that stops noclipping actully NO CLIPPING YOU, but it just makes you fly and you can still hit walls.

yeah be able to fly but cant go thru ground, wall,roof (world)

Try this:

for _,v in ipairs(player.GetAll()) do v:SetMoveType(MOVETYPE_FLY) end

this will apply to all players in server?

Yeah. You use that with a lua_run.

MOVETYPE_FLY continuously accelerates. In order to do this you’ll need to make a replica of noclip with the SetupMove / Move hooks.

I think the OP is looking for this :
Uclip v1.13 – A noclip alternernative!

UClip is broken with the latest noclip-update.

in that case can someone make a new addon that will works

You could alternatively use tracers to check if it hits anything. If not, they are in the void. Would be pretty messy though.