Make Your Move



I don’t get why the rebel is blurry.

Too much blur, I don’t know where I should focus the view.

He’s moving. Should’ve made it more obvious, and I think that the Super DoF is overdone as well.

Oh well, there’s a reason you haven’t seen me in these parts for awhile :v:

it’s so motherfucking goddamn intense ahhghgh

is that an npc in the background there?

The picture is not bad, just go easy on the blur, we know the picture or the camera is moving, but remember that the viewer must have always a focus point.

Hm, minus the blur, it almost looks like a certain snail-like being had edited it…

The blur is the only thing I have to complain about. Other than that its alright.

It doesn’t look like that.

I like everything.