Make your own scenes?

Post the scenes or a copy of a funny pic you remade in gmod.

Here are mine.

My Remake.

wrong section.

my bad kinda new can some one move it?

If no one moves it, try make a new thread in Garrys Mod discussion or Screenshots and Movies.

Think it should be in Screenshots and Movies though!

Be cool guys he’s new. Go to screenshots and movies section. Also Do that thing where your picture automatically opens up and whatnot.

YOU FUCKING NOOB, OMGZ HE IS LIEK TROLLIN!!!111 or sumdin111!.. Just kidding.

Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay, read the rules, yada yada yada…

What? two threads? Ohh, a Mod moved it :confused: which one you would like to use mister?

delete this thread plz. made it in the right section

This is in right section