Make your skins so good?!

Sorry about the double Thread, but I was sure this wouldn’t fit with my other one.

How do people make their skins so good? Is it a special effect or something? I use Photoshop 7.0, but when I make them, they end up as boxy pixel things. How do I make them LOOK like real cloths and stuff? Like, so its nto a solid colour.

Thanks if you can help me :slight_smile:

Please tell me if most skins are professinally made so I don’t waste my time, thanks :slight_smile:

texture + bump map + specular map + envmapmask + envmap (cubemap)
There also can be a phong.


DO NOT exagerate with dirt and scratches or material pattern.

K I’ll try

your avatar matches up with everthing you say :3:

Where are those options? I think I have read them somewhere…

yea, sorta like PLing said, Practice. mine are awesome, but sucked about a year ago, i never gave up, and i texture cause its grown into a passion, maybe i just enjoy spending hours in photoshop… idk

I have been doing photoshop for like 6 months, but my memory of it is horrible, mostly because there are so many options… Can you just tell me where the buttons are? I found a good one, “Texturizer” for clothes. But I suck at cutting out things for layers…

Eh, can I please have help…?

well to start with im a pencil/sketch artist, so using a wacom tablet makes my textures a LOT easier, dodge and burn on a 50% gray pallet is a good tool, then making some color layers, making selections, playing with the modifiers under the selection tabs, and right click on a layer, go to blending options, play with those effects, you’ll get some good looking stuff, oh and heres a simple example on the texturing process, as quoted from another post i made on another thread:

“Height Map”

“Normal Map”

how to make a height map in photoshop is to understand what the highest extrusion on you bump is going to be, the normal, cause in this technique you cant make anything higher than white. white is your normal area, the standard blue, grays and black are lowered bevels.

after making a height map, you can render height to normals, normals to cavity which looks like this VV

Cavity maps are good for overlaying detail into a diffuse, it can add depth to a flat texture.

and of course with a height map you can render an ambient occlusion map as seen below VV

and thats a minor tutorial on the texturing process following the creation of a diffuse, cause otherwise youll get low quality grain, which may be good but on a lower level and using a detail map. :smiley:

to make what ive made easier, download Xnormal, its free and not only is it a program, itll plugin to your filter’s tab in photoshop for easy use, play with it.

Where are the damn OPTIONS to do this!!
The things you presss! Or is it magic?!

You most likely paint the height map your self according to the diffuse. Then with the photoshop normals plug in or some height2normal program you convert the height map to a normal map.
xNormal, a program, does that quite well, it also has normals2cavity. I am not sure if it has height2ambientocclusion. To be honest I normally render AO with the model and ad detail with the cavity map later.

All the extra shader files won’t do an ounce of good if the base texture looks terrible. It comes down to practice, and a lot of it.

There is no “press button - receive texture”. You’re gonna have to go through months of pain and elbow grease to get anywhere near decent quality textures. You can use just the basic tools to make textures, you just need to learn to apply them by knowing what you’re after and not randomly.

While I agree with you PLing, I think he’s asking how you use them in the texture (but I can very well be wrong). If that’s the case, you’re looking to edit the vmt file. Adding parameters like a specular mask and a bump map (Which Darkvibe went into good detail on how to make), when appropriate, will make textures look much better. And like Lt_C said, the base texture also has to look good, or else none of this would do any good.

practise ok

Had the wrong quote but my point still stands. There are no magic buttons that make you better textures.