Make Youtube Tutorials!

**many people have problems making, addons, server’s, adding stuff, L.U.A scripting. so many people can’t just read the script and think where he should paste it the same with the server. that’s why many people wanna see what you doing so it’s more easier for theme to make a server, L.U.A, addon.

writing things is not so describefull then showing with video. people will just spam you with post’s about: how do i do this, where should i put this. it’s easy to get confused.

So thoses who have time to make a video of: how to make a ttt,deathrun,DarkRP server! make it if you know.

  1. Everyone on facepunch a hates darkrp.
  2. Use punctuations correctly.
  3. Never write in all bold.
  4. There are no video tutorials on how to make a TTT/Deathrun/DarkRP server because it seems like it should be simple enough.

People don’t want to simplify it or we’ll end up with our server browser spammed with even more completely original DarkRP servers.