Makeing alpha channel work for L4D2 models

Greetings, fellow facepunchers. Today, i embarked on my epic jurney to create the greatest skin for L4D2 the world have ever seen. Not having skinned for over two years, i decided that the smallest things makes the biggest of differences.

Being trained in the deadly use of the Heckler and Koch G3 series battle rifle, as a rifleman, not a sniper, it did nothing short of make perfect sense of removing the disgrace of a scope off of the beautiful weapon that the game has the magisterial honor to feature. The MGS 90 had minor differences in stock and trigger shape, but it would do.

So grabbed my tools i did, and before long, i had converted v_sniper_a.vtf to .tga, had the cancerous tumor of a scope completely removed from the .tga file and replaced by glorious alpha channel. So far, so good. I wiped the sweat off of my forehead, and the precum off my pants.

Into the valley of Source SDK model viewer i went, where i was met by a horrific sight. The scope was not gone, but merely painted pitch black as shown in this picture.

Beaten, but not broken, i looked up alpha channels for vtf and vmt files on google. I found that my vtf was done correctly, so i looked down in the cryptic lines of the vmt. “$alphatest” “1” and “$translucent” “1” was added to the almost demonic codes of moonspeak. I looked again.

I picked up the _ref and _exp, added alpha channel to the vtfs, added “$alphatest” “1” and “$translucent” “1” to the vmts.

The scope will not die. I am at a loss here, how do i make it go away. So, punchers of faces, what should I do?


Now, i can hear you say “What in the world is this crazed person going on about? One can not simply remove a scope from a weapon without remodeling the thing! That is madness!”. Well, my skeptical friends, upon close research of the wireframe and other parts of the model, i have discovered that the scope is not in any way fused to the body, but is a different model hacked onto there. Under it’s disgusting mounts lies darkened patches of corruption, which i have cleaned up in this simple re-texture project here.

Well I do know to make a texture on a model completely invisible you add “$nodraw” “1” but I’m not sure if that would work in this case since the scope is in the same texture file as the model part.

It is same texture as the rifle itself. I was hoping to be able to do a nodraw on it, but it decided to be a bitch.

Shameless self-bump.