Makeing "easy windows"

I was thinking, if there is any way to make easy “holes” in a brush, so that i don’t have make, lets say 4 brushes, to make a hole for a window. Is there anyway to make one brush, and then mark some of it, and delete that part?
Thank you.

Clip tool. Select the brush and hit Shift X and drag a straight line in the top down view. Then hit Shift X until both sides of the brush turn white. Then once you have clipped it twice, select ONLY the middle brush and clip it twice horizontally. Then delete the remaining piece in the window.

Make 1 brush.
Use the clip tool.


Ninja’d :frowning:

If it’s a square brush, use the carve tool. But NEVER EVER EVER EVER use the carve tool on a brush that isn’t a square/rectangle.

Ooor you could clip and be done faster.

Thank you. I will try :slight_smile:

And have 8 brushes as opposed to 4?

Why the fuck would you want to do that?

If you func_detail the window’s edges (Which you really should be doing), it makes no difference. I simply posted an alternative solution to the one already stated, which could be useful in other situations.

As a general rule, carve should never be used. Various problems can occur from using it in even the simplest circumstances.

For example, carving a cube into a cube, it fucks you up royally. Let alone carving anything above or under 6 faces.