Makeshift soldiers clan recruitment

First of all i would like to say im terribly sorry if i am not allowed to post this here. I was unable to find a rule against it so i just figured…What the hell
MSB or Makeshift Soldiers Brigade is a rust exclusive clan in the united states. Players hoping to join MSB must own a microphone and be willing to talk over steam calls, be at least 16 years old, have a mature personality, have at least 100 hours of rust gameplay time, and be willing to play the come regularly.
Application to join (Fill out and post in the comments of this forum post)

IGN (In game name):
Steam name:
How you would describe yourself:
Do you own a headset with a microphone:
Number of hours in rust:
Strengths and weaknesses:

Applications will be read and answered by me as soon as possible. If you are accepted send me a friend request (my steam name is gary giggles) and we will discuss joining a server as soon as we get 5 members.