Makeshift weapons > military grade weapons

In the future updates I would like to see people using makeshift guns more often, and that the uses if military grade items like grenades, c4, m4s, mp5s, Kevlar, etc, should be extremely difficult to get, and that they cannot be crafted. Maybe these items could be found in airdrops or in rare loot boxes. What do ya think?

It has been suggested a ton, this is most likely the direction the game will be taking.

that’s our current plan

Thankfully, they seem to be slowly phasing out the modern-tech weapons with ‘junk’ variants.

While I agree with this, they have to be make the junk weapons much more appealing than they are at the moment. Right now, their design is a little meh to be honest. BAR is not bad though.

Of course, it’s probably difficult to get excited about ‘junk’ weapons when MP5s and M4s are still in the game, and rather easily accessible.

I think they’ve done a great job so far with the ‘junk’ weapons.