Making 3D Views with Maps *Tutorial*

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Making 3D Screenshots of your map!


Making 3D Photos with your maps is easy if you get the hang of it.

Some examples are: (Click and Drag) (Lines won’t happen this one was a little messed up)

Things Needed:
Panorama Machine

Tutorial Start

(1.) Start up a map on Garry’s Mod and find a desired place you want your picture to be at.
(2.) Open Console. (Go into Options->Keyboard-> Advanced, Then check in the Enable Developer Console (~) and apply.)
(3.) Now type “panomach_cubic” in console and let all the pictures to be taken.
(4.) You may now exit Garry’s Mod.
(5.) Go into your screenshots folder in your Garrysmod/Garrysmod Directory.
(6.) Then find the “cubic” folder and enter it. There should be a folder with your pictures in it. Make sure they are in there.
(7.) Open Pano2VR.
(8.) In Pano2VR, under “Input,” click “Select Input.”
(9.) Change the “Type” to “Cube Faces.”
(10.) Select all the cube faces. If you did not use gm_image, then you will have to crop all the images to remove the black bars first. If it doesn’t show the files in your folder refer to 10B.
(10B.) In the “Filename” textbox of the file open dialog, type . and press ENTER, allowing you to select any file.
(11.) Click “OK.”
(12.) Under “Output,” select “Flash” and then click “Add.”
(13.) Change the settings as you desire, and then click “OK.”
(14.) Then on the right of the Pano2VR select the file type. I personally use Shockwave.
(15.) Once its done, check your screenshot->cubic->yourmapimagesfolderhere for the .swf file.
(16.) Upload it to a image site. I use Imageshack.

**Tutorial made by Props!
Panorama Machine made by sk89q!

Comments, questions, and work you have done can be posted here. **

Haven’t done it, but it looks good!

When I first tried it I made this:

By the way 3 more posts till you have 1337.

I didn’t notice that…

And that looks funny. :3

These are called Panorama’s. I did mine by hand with Photoshop CS4 (File->Automate->Photomerge).

You can see them here:

Never bothered to turn it into a .mov file though.

Sadly, I don’t have photoshop and I’m sure there are others. I found this way to work nicely.

I figured I would bump this for those who still want to know. The only thing I fear is being banned, but I’m just trying to help.

Any alternate to Pano2VR, the trial thing sorta ruins it

This is quite awesome; would be useful when releasing a map.

“Buying” it? I’m aware that it’s probably $500 software, but that seems to be the only solution out there for this.

I’ve searched and searched and found nothing as good as this. I don’t know if Photoshop has the capabilities, but that’s because I don’t have it.

They have a free trial.


There’s already a tutorial for this, and you don’t need to use Garry’s Mod.

They use the program GoCubic, so you don’t get those annoying watermarks all over your image.


The original was written by David Alexander Johnston on his blog.

:dance: This is pretty cool. Would make for a good map promo.