Making a Alternative to Starting and Setting up Server

I have recently been making a cool new way to start your server.
It features a decent interface but that will become better in the near future, also has a easy to configure system.
It currently it only works when you place it inside the RustServer Folder but I will make it more customize-able and have the latest version commands to make it one click and done.
For now this is what it is and I also take no credit for the background image that’s all you Facepunch.
Hope you like what it is at the current state post if you would like to see more from it and it will be coming sometime this weekend on this thread.


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Here is the download link for those server hosting people. This will also help people that are really having a problem trying to figure out how to host.

Anyone who has used this Server Configurator, please notify me through FacePunch. I would like to hear feed back on what issues there are or if you like it in general or if it has a certain flaw you would like me to fix.
Also it has been a week of its release so try it out.

Not to burst your bubble or anything, but since you’ve bumped this three times I’ll go ahead and voice an opinion.

It looks pretty bad.
Most people won’t use something if it doesn’t look decent, and for things that look like they were made in four seconds a VirusTotal makes them a least a little more likely to use it.

Here’s a link to a scan for this

And some tips for the programming side, name your objects something you’ll remember. I looked into the source of this, and I saw lots of TextBox, Label, and so on in there.

Here’s an example I whipped up in five minutes.

If you want it, send me a PM and I’ll send you the project files.

And if you need help with anything on the programming side, I’d be glad to help with that too.